May 15


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Apr 15

Bigamist Andrew O’Clee going to jail

Andrew O’Clee, the serial cheat tied the knot with Michelle in the year 2013, just 5 years after and while already married to his first wife Michelle. Andrew’s double life took him to prison this week, after all his lies came up by doing the ice bucket challenge.

It was when he was tagged in a snapshot of the charity craze which his lengthy deception started to unravel. Andrew, now 36, was married to Michelle, now 39, but he also got married to another lady, named Philippa, now 30, a court heard.

He even contrived a decree downright to show his family so his mother and brother believed he had actually divorced Michelle and that is why they happily attended his 2nd wedding. After that, Andrew told his 1st wife he was involved in a fraud case and had to enter Witness Protection Program that would keep him away for long time. Continue reading →

Apr 15

Wedding Photography Part 3 – The Group & Romatic Shots

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Mar 15

Camera Setting for Wedding Photography : Wedding Photography

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Feb 15

Korea pre wedding photography video with hello muse wedding and atelier 2018

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Feb 15

Johnny Depp tied the knot with Amber Heard before Bahamas wedding ceremony

It seems that they just could not wait long. According to reports, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have finally tied the knot. Several websites reported that the couple took their wedding vows before their scheduled ceremony at the Bahamas.

A close source told that they tied the knot at Depp’s West Hollywood house on 3rd Feb, Tuesday. Now they would go to the Bahamas for another round of wedding. Speaking about the forthcoming ceremony, an insider told that it would be a very simple marriage ceremony. Things are in a great place with those. Continue reading →

Jan 15

Disneyland, Disney Wedding Photography Jason Lanier Photography

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Dec 14

14 year old Photographer Zev Hoover’s Surreal Miniature Worlds wedding photography

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